CedarBuilding a deck to extend out from your house and afford outdoor living space is a major undertaking. After all, if decks aren't constructed so as to blend in with your landscape design, there's no hiding them after the fact -- decks can stick out like sore thumbs!

There's a lot you need to get right in deck construction, and that means solid planning, before you so much as touch a piece of wood! In fact, part of the planning involves deciding whether you even want a wood deck. That's right: the hegemony of wood decks is no longer unchallenged, and you need to learn about other deck materials before you can make an informed decision. You've probably heard that vinyl is now one of your options for deck materials, but perhaps the hottest of the new deck materials is a mix of plastic and wood products. It's called "composite" decking.

Here's what some of our customers say about us:

Thanks for transforming our house from Shabby to Beautiful, our neighbors thank you too – Loomis, CA


An Evergrain Composite Deck.


A truly beautiful deck is meant for relaxation, not more work. That’s why EverGrain® decking is the perfect low maintenance choice. You’ll have a gorgeous deck that lasts, without the excessive maintenance of real wood. That’s right; no painting, no staining, no rotting and no termites. And thanks to the unique compression molding process, you’ll have a natural look that’s beyond compare. Other decks only wish they could look this nice. evergrain