Best Roofing Styles for Metal Roofs

We provide many different types of roofing here at California Energy Consultant Service family. But our metal roofing is perhaps the most popular, since it requires very specific expertise and offers a level of energy efficiency that very few other types of roofing can offer.

Metal roofing is versatile. It can be used on essentially all the same roofs that composite and other roofing materials can be used. That means that you can use various types of metal roofing on roofs that include –

  1. Gable Roof – The gable roof is a classic and versatile design featuring two sloping sides that meet at a peak. It works well with metal roofing and provides excellent water runoff and ventilation. Gable roofs are commonly found in various architectural styles and can complement both traditional and contemporary homes.
  2. Hip Roof – A hip roof has slopes on all sides, creating a pyramid-like shape. It offers a visually appealing and sturdy design that pairs nicely with metal roofing. Hip roofs are known for their durability and excellent resistance to strong winds. They are commonly seen in craftsman, ranch, or Mediterranean-style homes.
  3. Gambrel Roof – Gambrel roofs have a distinct barn-like appearance with two slopes on each side, combining a steeper upper slope with a shallower lower slope. This roof style pairs well with metal roofing, giving a charming and timeless look. Gambrel roofs are often seen in Dutch Colonial or farmhouse-style architecture.
  4. Mansard Roof – A Mansard roof features two slopes on all four sides, creating an elegant and classic look. This roof style pairs exceptionally well with metal roofing, allowing for a stylish and low-maintenance solution. Mansard roofs are commonly associated with French or Second Empire architectural styles.
  5. Combination Roof – A combination roof incorporates multiple roof styles into a single design, allowing for visual interest and architectural versatility. For example, you can combine a gable roof with a hip roof or add dormers and different roof pitches to create a unique look. Combination roofs can be customized to suit various architectural styles.

These are going to be most types of roofing in the Greater Sacramento area, so – no matter what roof style you currently have, you are likely to be able to replace it with a metal roof.

However, there a few roof styles where metal roofing may not be appropriate. These include those with complex roof shapes, low pitched roofs, roofs with very poor insulation, flat roofs, and some barrel roofs.

At Cal Energy, we are happy to assess your property and make sure that metal roofing is a good fit for your needs. Contact us today at any time for an assessment.

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