Metal Roofing and Pest Control

There are many reasons to consider metal roofing. It has outstanding energy efficiency. Its longevity is incredible, often lasting 70 years or more. It reduces your energy bills and it looks amazing, potentially improving the value of your home.

But the benefits of metal roofing extend beyond that. Metal roofing is also one of the best roofing materials for preventing pests.

Why Would a Metal Roof Be Better at Pest Prevention?

Metal roofing has several advantages that make it a very effective choice for those that want their property to have fewer pests, and while that may not be the reason that you choose metal roofing, it is an advantage of the material. There are many reasons for this, including:

  • No Decay – Metal roofing does not decay. That means that if it is installed correctly, there will not be any openings for pests to enter.
  • Less Buildup – All roofing can get buildup, but the flatness of metal roofing means that fewer pieces of debris are likely to be caught inside.
  • Inedible/Pest Proof – Metal itself is, of course, entirely pest proof. Termites do not eat it. Pests do not dig into it. It is perhaps the most pest-durable material available.
  • Not Water Permeable – Water does not ever soak into metal, which means there is no chance that your roof will create scents or attract mold/mildew that might attract pests.
  • Fewer Pests – Pests attract pests. When you have small bugs on your roof, that attracts larger bugs that feed on them, and so on. Since metal allows for fewer pests, other pests are not drawn to the material.

Water and debris roll right off metal roofs, which are also easier to clean than other roofing materials, all while the roof remains free of unwanted buildup that might otherwise attract a wide variety of bugs and rodents. Spiders even find this material relatively inhospitable.

Roofing and Pest Management

Your roof is not solely responsible for your pest control efficacy. Much of that is going to lie in the pest control company you choose to use, how often you leave your doors and windows open, your windows, and so much more. But your roof does play a role, and – if you’re someone that wants to avoid pests – taking the time to really think about the roofing material you want most can make a big difference in the number of pests that you experience all throughout the year.

If you’re ready to learn more about metal roofing, contact Cal Energy today.

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