About Us

As a leading expert in energy efficiency in the Sacramento region, California Energy Consultant Service delivers top-tier products and solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Grounded in principles of transparency, ethical conduct, and an enduring commitment to excellence, we are your go-to choice for projects worthy of repeat engagements and positive recommendations.

Your Home Performance, Our Pledge to You

Our certified expertise in the Home Performance sector enables us to grant you access to specialized rebates and attractive financing options. Recognizing the limitations of focusing only on one or two energy-efficient enhancements, we have expanded our offerings to encompass all the services that a Home Performance overhaul may entail.

We invite you to reframe your understanding of energy efficiency. The systems within your home are interconnected, operating in a mutually beneficial relationship. To maximize this synergistic effect, we advocate for bundled improvements. For instance, when updating ductwork, we also suggest accompanying it with added insulation. This integrated approach elevates both energy efficiency and comfort levels. Additionally, clients who opt for these bundled services frequently qualify for substantial utility rebates, an advantage that often comes as a pleasant surprise.

Furthermore, adopting this holistic approach unlocks exclusive financing opportunities otherwise unavailable to you. It is our duty to enlighten our clients on the myriad benefits of this comprehensive strategy.

Why Choose California Energy Consultant Service?

For over three decades, California Energy Consultant Service has been a trusted provider of premium products and services across the Greater Sacramento community. Our team of proficient professionals is committed to matching your requirements with the appropriate solutions, all while ensuring that projects are completed punctually and within budget.

Our primary objective is to facilitate your access to the highest quality services, guaranteeing maximum value for your investment. We consider our clients to be our most valuable stakeholders, which is why we aim to cultivate enduring partnerships with you.

The strength of our client relationships is evidenced by a large volume of referral and repeat business. Over the years, we have unfailingly upheld a sterling reputation in the Sacramento area for specializing in energy-efficient solutions, and we persist in providing reliable products and services that stand the test of time.

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